disk access name

The name used to access a physical disk, such as Disk_1 on an AIX system, c1t1d1 on an HP-UX system, sda on a Linux system, or c0t0d0s0 on a Solaris system. The term device name can also be used to refer to the disk access name.

The device name or address that is used to access a physical disk on an operating system, such as <code>hdisk1</code> (AIX), <code>c0t0d0</code> (HP-UX), <code>disk11</code> (HP-UX 11i v3 onwards), <code>sda</code> (Linux), or <code>c0t0d0s2</code> (Solaris OS). In a SAN environment, it is more convenient to use enclosurebased naming, which forms the device name by concatenating the name of the enclosure (such as <code>enc0</code>) with the disk’s number within the enclosure, separated by an underscore (for example, <code>enc0_2</code>).

An alternative term for a device name.