A repetitive health signal that is sent from the Monitor Agent plug-in to the monitor server.

The frequency with which Agents or Symantec Enforcers communicate with the Symantec Policy Manager to check for new security policies and upload the latest logs. Heartbeats occur in regular intervals (set by the system administrator). Agents can also check for updated Agent software.

Heartbeat messages are sent over the private link to obtain information on cluster membership changes. If a node does not send a heartbeat for 16 seconds, it is removed from the membership. The command lltconfig is used for information on the various heartbeat parameters. The low latency transport (LLT) module provides communication services across the cluster.

A signal sent at regular intervals to indicate that a host and its connections are operating normally.

LLT is responsible for sending and receiving heartbeat traffic over network links.This heartbeat is used by the Group Membership Services function of GAB to determine cluster membership.See also Disk Heartbeat.