The glossary below contains many of the terms you will find in common use throughout the Symantec Security Response website. Please refer to this list to find definitions of terms and answers to other Internet security-related questions.


The effect, acceptable or unacceptable, of an incident on a system, operation, schedule, or cost. Unacceptable impact is impact deemed, by the system owner goals, as severe enough to degrade an essential mission, capability, function, or system causing an unacceptable result. Like impact, unacceptable impact refers to the total system and all areas of operational concern, not just confidentiality.

In Symantec Intruder Alert, an organization or group of Agents. ITA policies are applied to domains. Agents can belong to more than one domain.

This field rates the impact of a vulnerability on a scale of 0 (low) to 10 (high). The numerical value is determined by a formula based on the value of the security properties lost, the privilege obtained, and the objects affected.