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Norton anti - virus v5

Norton anti - virus v5

15 January 1999
13 February 2007
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On Jan 3, 1999, a message regarding Norton AntiVirus was posted on the alt.comp.virus newsgroup on the Internet. This information is a hoax and should be ignored.

Text of hoax message:

There is a problem with the version of Norton anti - virus v5 available for download from the Symantec site, when purchasing on-line you receive an electronic license certificate, this is then used to release the anti - virus program from the ziplock elc container,

With some .elc files this does not happen correctly and the scanner gets damaged, although it will still seem to work o.k. the scanner will not detect virus such as back orifice , cookie , cap and satan , For more information e - mail our temporary e - mail technical support service ( its just while we upgrade our servers ) and state your name and when you purchased the product on - line.Please ignore any messages regarding this hoax and do not pass on messages. Passing on messages about the hoax only serves to further propagate it.
Writeup By: Motoaki Yamamura