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Millennium Time Bomb

Millennium Time Bomb

13 February 2007
Also Known As:
Year 2000, Y2K, Millennium Bug

Millennium Time Bomb is a hoax. It was designed to take advantage of concern over the arrival of the year 2000.

The hoax message includes the following text:

We've got a problem. It may be the BIGGEST PROBLEM the modern world has ever faced. After January 1, 2000, most of the world's mainframe computers will either SHUT DOWN or begin spewing out BAD DATA, along with most of the world's desktop PCs. Millions of pre-programmed computer chips will begin to shut down the systems they automatically control. This will create a NIGHTMARE for every area of life in every region of the industrialized world. It's called the Year 2000 (Y2K) problem, or the Millennium Bug, or the Millennium Time Bomb. It's a date-code TIME-BOMB VIRUS built into embedded chips over 30 years ago by programmers saving memory, and now UNALTERABLY set to go off January 1, 2000.

Think what would happen of the following areas go down and stay down for months or even years: BANKS; RAILROADS; AIRLINES; POWER GRID; TELEPHONE LINES; MILITARY COMMUNICATIONS; FINANCIAL MARKETS. Consider Social Security, Medicare and Welfare. If they go down it will affect millions of people. Yet these programs are at risk.

Is it REALLY possible that this could happen? It's FAR MORE than merely possible. One of America's senior mainframe computer programmers believes that SERIOUS DISRUPTIONS are very likely, and WARNS programmers that it may soon be TIME TO QUIT their big city jobs and head for safer places. If the exodus of programmers begins, there will be NO SOLUTION for the Y2K problem by 2000.

Months before January 1, 2000, the world's stock markets will have CRASHED. Who would leave their money in the bank if the bank's computer is not 2000 compliant, and therefore not reliable? A worldwide RUN ON BANKS will create havoc in the investment markets. People who have placed their retirement hopes in stocks and mutual funds will see their DREAMS VANISH. If the banking system closes down because their mainframe computers have shut down, how reliable will stocks and mutual funds be? How will you ever get paid? How will your employer get paid? How will governments get paid?

Our first response when hearing about this problem is DENIAL. Most people will stay in denial, including the business managers of companies whose responsibility it is to get the problem fixed. Everyone in authority will DENY that time has run out to get the problem fixed, right up until December 31, 1999. They are PAID to deny this. The facts are that it CANNOT be fixed, and the Time-Bomb Virus will bite us. The debate now is how hard, and what you are to do about it.

The Y2K problem is the most important problem ever faced by Western civilization, yet it is not taken seriously. Why? Because people do not want to consider the consequences of a COLLAPSE of the social division of labor, which is the basis of our wealth. In the cities, it's the basis of our VERY LIVES. The social division of labor depends on the existence of a payment system, or money, and money is computerized. If computers become untrustworthy, there will be a worldwide RUN on banks NEVER SEEN BEFORE. Not even during the Great Depression.

DON'T COUNT on governments to save the day. Their worldwide strategy is to talk the problem to death, form committees, and send out PR sheets that they make it--without any evidence.

Anyone who says that Y2K is not a big problem needs to understand just how many systems are at risk. That is the purpose of a COMPREHENSIVE REPORT now available to be sent to you. Not to bury you in information, but to give you a sense of the MAGNITUDE of the problem. The domino effect of a computer-driven breakdown in supply delivery systems, through failure of the electronic means of payment, will be HUGE. You will need to evaluate your own personal vulnerability and make serious decisions, including the hardest one of all--to assess your geographic situation such that it may require relocation to a safer area.

This report will save you HOURS of searching the Internet, and WEEKS of compiling all the information into an equivalent document that is as comprehensive and organized. It covers ALL ASPECTS of the Y2K problem and what to do NOW to protect yourself and your family. The cost is just $10, plus $3 for shipping. For your copy, send $13 cash, check or money order to:
[address deleted]

Your report will be sent to you by first-class mail. Take action now--TIME IS RUNNING OUT.Please ignore any messages regarding this hoax and do not pass on messages. Passing on messages about the hoax only serves to further propagate it.